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Baptism is a formal, ceremonial witness that a person is committed to a life of Christian discipleship. In baptism, we express our willingness to take on Christ's name—that is, to be Christians, people determined to do Christ's work (Moro. 6:3). We covenant to share others' burdens, to mourn with those who mourn, to comfort those in need of comfort (Mosiah 18:8-11). By following Christ into the waters of baptism, we testify that we are willing to follow him throughout our lives, even in the way of self-sacrifice (2 Ne. 31:10-13; Matt. 16:24-25; Mark 10:21).

Through baptism, we are buried with Christ, then raised with him to walk in newness of life (Rom. 6:3-6). Baptism is also a second birth: a return to the womb and a reemergence into the air (Moses 6:59-60; John 3:3-5). Like Christ, all who are baptized are declared sons or daughters of God (Moses 6:64-68; Matt. 3:16-17). Baptism is the beginning of a lifelong process of spiritual growth.

The gift of the Holy Ghost is bestowed in connection with baptism. Having become members of Christ's body, the baptized receive Christ's Spirit to live and work in them. The Holy Ghost is the Comforter whom Christ sends to guide his disciples in his absence (John 14:25-26; 16:12-13). The gift of the Holy Ghost empowers the baptized to speak with inspiration, to do Christ's work, and to grow in grace.

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Parley P. Pratt: The embryo formation of the human body, is commenced and sustained by blood and spirit, in the womb of nature, where, until the period of birth, it floats in the element of water. . . . To be born again, then, is to enter into the same element, suspend the breath in the watery womb, and emerge from that element into the atmosphere, and again gasp the first breath in the new creation; while, at the same time, the blood of atonement is applied to the individual, for remission of sins, and is followed by the outpouring of the Holy Spirit of promise.
Key to the Science of Theology (Salt Lake City: Deseret Book, 1965), 97-98

B. H. Roberts: We also complete the baptism by the application of the purifying element, the baptism of the Holy Ghost—likened unto a baptism of fire. The Spirit of God is thus imparted to our spirit, which means that our lives are united with the life of God; by which his wisdom may be at our service; by which his strength may be our strength; his glory, may be our glory.
Defense of the Faith and the Saints (Salt Lake City: Deseret News, 1907), 2:515

Charles W. Penrose: The gift of the Holy Ghost is the greatest boon conferred by God upon man in the flesh. It is "the anointing from above which teacheth all things." It is the "abiding witness" of the Father and the Son. It is the spirit of revelation. It guides into all truth, brings things past to remembrance, makes manifest present light, and shows things to come.
Rays of Living Light from the Doctrines of Christ (Salt Lake City: Deseret News Press, 1954), 122

Chieko N. Okazaki: What if we could see ourselves as the Lord sees us? What if we knew our strengths and talents as clearly as he does? Sometimes we think, "I'm just the same old me. Nothing has changed. I've always been this way and I'll always be this way." Not so! Heavenly Father knows the full range of our potential and powers and has sent the Holy Ghost to dwell in us. "As Christ was raised up from the dead by the glory of the Father, even so we also should walk in newness of life." (Romans 6:4.)
Lighten Up! (Salt Lake City: Deseret Book, 1993), 165

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