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Christ as Cosmic Force

In addition to speaking of Christ as a person, the scriptures offer a very different set of images: Christ as a cosmic force or the personification of principles such as life, truth, and love. Joseph Smith's "Olive Leaf" revelation teaches that Christ is the light of the sun, moon, and stars—the light that is in all things and gives life to all things as well as the law by which they are governed (D&C 88:6-13). On the basis of this passage, B. H. Roberts called Christ the Immanent God: the ominpresent love-manifesting power that indwells and sustains all creation. An image from the Book of Moses portrays Christ as the word of power by which God speaks the universe into being (Moses 1:31-33).

The "Olive Leaf" revelation teaches that Christ is both the light that illumines our eyes and the light that quickens our understanding. Christ is the light of truth or, as another revelation expresses it, the Spirit of truth (D&C 93:24, 26). The Spirit or light of Christ is the capacity that all people have to discern good from evil (Moro. 7:16, 18). Whatever is truth, and whatever is light, is the Spirit of Christ (D&C 84:45). Christ is the source of every good thing and of every influence that leads people to do good (Ether 4:12). B. H. Roberts believed that Christ is present in our own consciousness, in our knowledge, and in our love.

B. H. Roberts: We know not, perhaps, on what bright sphere, as a personality He makes His home, but wherever He is, as a personality, the Christ is as He left the earth—after His resurrection . . . It is also possible at the same time to regard Him as a universal presence and power—which men rightly call God—proceeding forth from the personal presence of the Christ, also from the presence of God the Father, and from the presence of the Holy Spirit—there goes forth into the space depths, the Spirit which emanating from these Holy Personages fills the immensity of space with the very presence and power of God. That presence and power is constantly maintained, too, and is actual presence of God in all consciousness, in seeing, hearing, feeling, knowing, and loving. . . . In this manner God in-dwells in his worlds, and those worlds in which God in-dwells shall fulfill and accomplish the purposes of God. This is the immanent Deity of which men in our day have so much to say . . .
Conference Report, April 1916, 138

B. H. Roberts: Jesus, the Christ, is both the Redeemer of the world and, under the direction of the Father, the Creator of it and the sustaining power of it; also the vital force, that gives life to all things; and likewise the intelligence-inspiring power; and above all the love-manifested power; the love revealed that God has for all the children of men, in which manifested love, we may hope for the continuation of effort upon the part of the Divine powers, to bring the children of men unto God.
Conference Report, April 1923, 65

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