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An independent project: This website offers personal reflections on the scriptures, teachings, and spiritual practices of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The site is not sponsored by the Church.

Resources, not prooftexts: Scriptural references and quotations from LDS Church leaders appear throughout this website. These are not intended as "prooftexts." Rather, quotations that appear here are offered as resources within the Mormon tradition that may resonate with individuals who are interested in liberal spirituality. Mormonism also contains resources, of course, that lend themselves to more conservative religious styles.

No endorsement implied: This website represents one effort to discern the Spirit's voice within the body of accumulated LDS teaching. When a particular author's work is quoted, the purpose is not to grasp the nuances of the author's own intentions and worldview. Rather, the goal here is to be alert to how the Spirit may speak through an author's words, leading readers toward ideas which may or may not have been in the author's consciousness. For this reason, a quotation from someone's teachings should not be taken to imply that the person would endorse this website.

Why so few Bible references? The website contains substantially fewer references to the Bible than references to other LDS scriptures. This was done to highlight the resources for liberal spirituality that are distinctive to Mormonism. It is these resources that make liberal Mormon spirituality Mormon.

Gendered language: Many texts quoted on this site use masculine language where today gender-inclusive language is preferred. In some cases, the webmaster has substituted inclusive language using square brackets. Substitutions of this kind often lack elegance, however, so in many cases masculine language in a quotation has been left as is. Readers are trusted to do the necessary mental editing for themselves.

Multiple sources of Mormon teaching: While the teachings of General Authorities carry special weight in LDS tradition, they are not the only source of "Mormon teaching." All Latter-day Saints are charged to teach one another, and the scriptures tell us that anyone may be an instrument of inspired teaching (Alma 32:23; D&C 68:3-5; 88:122). This website therefore refers to other sources of teaching beside General Authority addresses. These other sources include hymns and songs, as well as writings from Mormonism's independent sector (such as Sunstone magazine).

Contact the webmaster about additional resources within Mormon teaching that you have found to inspire liberal spirituality. Particularly needed are more quotations from:

  • women authors
  • the independent sector
  • Latter-day Saints from outside the United States
  • poems, hymns, and other creative works
  • older texts in danger of being forgotten

This website is an independent effort to discern the Spirit's voice in LDS teaching. The site is not sponsored by the LDS Church. Quotations from the teachings of any individual should not be taken to imply that the individual does or would endorse this website or other statements made here.