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Son of God

The Book of Mormon teaches that Christ is called the Son of God because he is God dwelling in flesh, living among us as a mortal human being (Mosiah 15:1-4). A number of LDS teachers—B. H. Roberts, David O. McKay, and Lowell L. Bennion, among others—have spoken of Jesus Christ as the “revelation,” “expression,” or “manifestation” of God in the world. Christ shows us by his life the kind of person that God is. Above all, Christ’s coming into the world reveals God’s love (D&C 138:1-3).

D&C 93 teaches that Christ is called the Son of God because he grew from grace to grace until he received God’s fullness. The same revelation tells us that we too can grow in grace until we receive the fullness of God’s glory (D&C 93:1-20). As God’s Son, Christ sets the pattern for the spiritual growth of all who, through him, are begotten sons and daughters to God (D&C 76:23-24). By revealing the kind of person God is, Christ also reveals the kind of person each of us can be.

At the simplest level, to say that Christ is God's Son is to say that Christ is God's image and our exemplar. In more mystical terms: Christ invites us to share his Sonship through union with him, so that we may stand in the same intimate relationship with God that he does and may inherit with him every blessing that God has to offer. Like Christ, all who are baptized are declared sons or daughters of God (Moses 6:64-68; Matt. 3:16-17).

 He Sent His Son  (Children's Songbook 34-35)

B. H. Roberts: The Lord Jesus Christ is not only the express image of the Father's person, and the brightness of the Father's glory, as the scriptures declare, but also He is a complete revelation of God, of all that is divine. So that we know God through the revelation of Himself in the person of Jesus Christ . . .
Conference Report, October 1912, 30-31

B. H. Roberts: He is the Love-manifested Power of God's universe; for the one great thing above all others in the mission of the Christ was to give assurance and demonstration of the Love of God for the inhabitants of the earth.
Conference Report, April 1924, 79

David O. McKay: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, accepting Christ as the revelation of God to man, believes that Jesus in his life and teachings reveals a standard of personal living, and of social relations, which, if fully embodied in individual lives and in human institutions, would not only ameliorate the present ills of society, but bring happiness and peace to mankind.
Conference Report, October 1937, 100

Lowell L. Bennion: Christ came to earth to reveal to us the character of God. He is the revelation of God to human beings, teaching us by precept and example the meaning of faith, humility, integrity, and love.
Legacies of Jesus (Salt Lake City: Deseret Book, 1990), 61

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